Happy Thanksgiving



My very first Blog post. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to lead off with and when I wanted to post it. My blog is about living life and finding balance and a lot of soul searching brought me to starting this blog.  While I will definitely be digging in deep with many themes and subjects, none of them would have any relevance without my family!  With that being near and dear, is where we will start.


My family is the typical loving and bizarre mixture of characters and each person has played a part in my life. Today is Thanksgiving and we all convene at my Mom’s house every year to celebrate. This year is no different. These amazing people have blessed my life and while some maybe be a touch odd, and others a bit loud, they are my family.

My rock!  My beautiful mother is my rock!   She has provided strength when I had none.  Guidance when I was lost.   Grace when I was clumsily searching for Me.   This woman means more to me than anyone could ever know.   She is one of a couple of the reason this blog was born.  You see she is working on start her own blog too, and inspires me on every level.   While her blog will be more faith and positive based and mostly written,  mine will be more about taking ahold of that rainbow and climbing to Oz.  In addition, my blog will mostly be videos.   She inspires me when those clouds start to drizzle on me.    She has also molded me into the woman I am today.   So on this Thanksgiving I was to say thank you Mom!  And I love you.


My sunshine!   Oh my how this little boy is my sunshine.   Never has there been such a bright, sweet, loving, caring little boy.   Ok, yes I am biased.  He is reason #2 for this blog.   I want him to see that even in the darkest of times you can find light and beauty.   Every time I see him smile and hear him tell me he loves me I know my day will be ok!

My blood family is quite large, but I also need to include my adopted family.   I know not everyone has the joy of having that kind of family.   Thanksgiving makes it very apparent when you are missing someone in your life.   We always invite our friends to be in our family through the holidays.   Remember just because you aren’t close to your family or they are no longer in your life, doesn’t mean you can’t always go out and create your own family.   It’s not about blood, it’s about LOVE!   I have girlfriends in my life that are far more than friends!   They are true sisters!

I truly hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving.   And thank you for taking the time to read my first post.

Always remember to Live LOUD!




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