Happy Thursday

“Just Think Of Happy Thoughts And You’ll Fly”  Peter Pan

We all need a reason to smile. That one little happy thought to propel us through the day. Sometimes these morsels are hidden deep and we don’t see them at all. Or maybe you’ve fallen in love and it’s consuming all your thoughts. There are tidbits that preoccupy our minds and subconscious.  They vary from the biggest vastest dreams that soar us to new heights, to teeny tiny inconspicuous thoughts that we don’t even realize that they are there. Regardless, we still need to smile. So take a moment and think of that one (two, three, four, or….) thing.  If you are having an off day and need a little extra boost, here is a happy for you. After all, I want to see you fly too.

Flying Rhino Rhinoceros Wallpapers


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