A little Redemption & a Smile!


OK you all know that I firm on this blog being about positive and amazing upbeat vibes.  This past weekend was my son’s birthday and while he got several really awesome gifts, there was something in his presents that ended up being a little surprise for me.

You won’t hear me speak of my ex-husband very often, that is part of my past.  And while he still a negative influence in my life; I do all I can to distance myself from him.   So this will be one of the few times I divulge any info about him.   I decided long ago to let karma play whatever part she wished in his life and lead my life as my Mum raised me (with love, joy, faith and positiveness).  However, as much as I hate to admit it, I do take certain pleasures in a few things when it’s in regards to him.

So my Mum got my son The Yellow Submarine Lego Set.   It has all the Beatles figures in it and it has this critter:



We couldn’t figure out this character for anything.   After reading the instructions we learned his name is Jeremy Hillary Boob.  So what does this have to do with my ex?  Did I mention my ex’s name is Jeremy?   After years of misery this little character brought much laughter to my weekend.   This character apparently is part of a cartoon that was made about The Beatles.   Here’s is the cartoon rendering:


Needless to say, while it was wrong on so many levels, still offered a certain kind of redemption for me.

For those of you going through nasty divorces or break-ups (or had been in one), I hope you find Your “Jeremy Hillary Boob” to make you smile.   Always remember from even the worst things in your life there is something to smile about.   While this little character made my weekend, the true joy that came from that bad marriage was a little boy who owns my heart!

I hope this made you smile!


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