This is CHUCK

This is Chuck!

Chuck is a royal PITA(rse). And not just anyone’s PITA, but MINE!

He is the typical elf on a shelf. You move him every night and your child wakes up mystified.  (And yes my son still does believe in Santa and Elf on the Shelf.)

So this little, cute, doll-like elf should not be such a grief in my life. BUT UGH!!!!

I am usually falling asleep about the same time as my son, so that means I have to move him in the morning when I wake up (before Monkey wakes up). Needless to say, I don’t always remember. Let me repeat that…. I FORGET! Nothing is worse than my son waking up and finding chuck in the same spot and saying “Mom!!!!!! Chuck didn’t move last night!”


Things like…
-Bad Mama
-(plus many colorful words aimed at the elf – and mind you I don’t curse but once in a blue moon)

…all come to mind. Then I have to think quick on my feet with excuses (did I mention I am anything but a morning person and the brain doesn’t function until I’ve been awake for a couple hours with coffee).

-I’m sorry sweetie, maybe Chuck fell asleep
-Oh no, maybe Chuck is stuck, I’ll check on him to make sure his legs aren’t caught
(or if he was bad the day before) Maybe Chuck is giving you a second chance before he reports to Santa how you behaved yesterday
-Perhaps Chuck really likes that particular spot.

DO you have any clue how hard that is to do when you aren’t awake!


So my mom sent me this picture as a funny. It’s a great idea, but there are two problems.
ONE – I am out cold by 10pm and
TWO – Monkey has full access to my phone
So it wouldn’t work for me.

Oh and you know all those really cute things you see people post about their Elf on Shelf for their kids???? Well…. you have to be able to get up early or stay up late to do those (poor Chuck will just have to be boring). Heck I can’t even manage to pull off this (and I sell Younique and should be able to do this easily)!

So tonight as you go to bed, take a moment and think of ME (not my son or that damned Elf, but me). Tomorrow morning when I wake up that blasted Elf is going to be taunting me, laughing at me, and rolling his eyes because I am not awake enough to find a decent place for him to sit. SMH – LOL
BTW this Blog as some cute ideas (wish I could remember to do one – LOL)
Elf on a Shelf ideas


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