Little unexpected gifts!

“LOVE is and will ALWAYS be the greatest GIFT”
M.G. Wells

Sometimes we receive little gifts when we least expect it.

Yesterday was a very rough day for me, and my poor little boy knew this.   I used to hide my woes and turmoil from him, but he’s too smart (and I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve).   He would always ask what’s wrong and I would always say it wasn’t for him to worry about.  But…. through the wisdom of my mother and soul-searching and persistence (on his behalf) I have started sharing these things with him.   So yesterday when he asked what was wrong, I told him.

Needless to say he knew I was a touch down yesterday and very stressed.   Though I prayed on it and gave it to God and I felt much better this it, there was still a little stress there this morning.  So when we were getting ready I had to spend more time than I would liked to get him up and motivated, so I asked him to pack up my lunch (everything was together in the fridge, he just needed to through it in my lunch box).   Imagine my surprise when I found this:


He always surprises me with such cute little gifts.   My heart belongs 100% to this little boy.  He always makes me smile, even if my soul feels over burdened with stress.   He makes every day worth living.

We all need that one thing, person, place, etc… to live for.   I have several but by far my son is my biggest reason.

Muah 💋


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