Merry Christmas

Even on a bleak Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas! OK, yes I know I am late. I have good reasoning though. I was either extremely busy cooking/baking or bundled in 3 layers of blankets to stay warm.

This will be a Christmas to remember.

1 – My Uncle Mike and cousin Paul spent the holiday with us (normally it’s just Grandma, Grandpa, Monkey and Mama)
2 – Monkey got tons of goodies to spur on his engineering interest
3 – I got everything on my wish list
4 – We baked the most amazing food!!!!

1 – Only One – NO HEAT (Holy smokes did that make it an interesting weekend).

Real Peanut Butter Pie

OK so no heat, what is the silver lining to NO heat? You do lots of baking (yummy food while heating the house)
* Peanut Butter Pie (and this is NO Cream Cream filling, this is true homemade pudding)
* Gingerbread Bars (more like brownies)
* Pecan Bars (I don’t even like Pecan Pie, but these bars are to die for)
* Cardamon Cookies (at Santa’s request)

And that’s just Christmas Eve.

Christmas day was:
* Ham
* Scalloped Potatoes
* Green Beans
* Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge
* Peanut Butter Fudge

And I am sure I forgetting a few things, but the food was AMAZING!

Every Christmas Eve we watch The Nativity Story, it truly has become one of my favorite traditions. And then it’s off to get a Monkey in bed and presents out under the tree. It’s always a huge to-do in Mom’s house. But let me tell you about this Monkey and Christmas Eve….

It’s bedtime, we tell him to get his jams on and get to bed. But as he gets older, he gets wiser. So he still believes in Santa Claus (thank goodness), but…. he has figured out how to track Santa on NORAD without my help. (For those of you who didn’t know you can search NORAD and Santa and it tracks Santa’s every movement). He was so excited he just couldn’t fall asleep, so he was up in my room texting me to come to bed. When I got up there the conversation went something like this:

Him – Mom hurry up and get in bed and turn off the light
Me – I will as soon as I finish my bedtime regime
Him – But Santa is in Dominican Republic and will be here soon
Me – How do you know that?
Him – NORAD, Mom. Hurry up.
Me – OK, OK (I proceed to crawl into bed)
Him – Put some sleepy time sounds on so that I can fall asleep. I can’t fall asleep. Mom he’s in CUBA NOW!!!
Me – (frantically searching for music) Put down your phone and close your eyes
Him – Mom he’s in Florida, I am not going to be asleep in time (said in complete panic, mind you)
Finally about 10 minutes of peace and quiet
Him – MOM!!!! (he’s in my face at this point) Why are Grandpa and Uncle Mike still up, Santa is going to pass us by.

OMG!!!!!! This child!!! He finally fell asleep and Santa came and left him all kinds of goodies.

Blessings were in huge abundance this year. And while I was cold most of the weekend, it could have been far worse. It was a very blessed and amazing Christmas. I hope yours was too!!!


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