Chinese Lantern Festival

What an amazing adventure. I really wanted to make sure I started off my new year with a new go-out-and-have-fun attitude. I have used the excuse of being a single mom way too long. My son is old enough to be able to handle crowds and the fact that I am single shouldn’t stop me. So when Groupon offered me tickets for something I have wanted to go do/see I jumped at it.

A couple months ago somehow the Chinese Lantern Festival in Columbus, Ohio came to my attention. It was gorgeous! I was dying to go to it, but…. living in Baltimore, Maryland meant I would have to travel there. And as much as I love all of my family in Ohio, I really didn’t want to go in the winter months. But lo and behold there was a Chinese Lantern Festival in Vienna, Virginia that I did not know about (until last week).

Time was running out when the tickets came to my attention, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Without asking my mom, I bought tickets for her, my son and myself and decided to surprise them. It was a huge success! I took over a 100 pictures and I don’t want to bombard you with them all, so I am only going to put some up. The silhouettes in the pictures are either my Mom, my son, or me (just look closely).

I advise you to get out and check out the festival if it comes your area. This particular showing goes to Jan 15th in Vienna, VA.

Chinese Lantern Festival



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