How do you get by?


There are days when you give it your all and you are completely and totally wiped out but that. Today is that day! I am completed and totally exhausted. Monday mornings always seem to be struggle, but some Mondays are worse.

My adorable Monkey hates school with all of his heart and no matter how hard I try to reprogram that kind of thinking he still hates school. This morning we came to blows. He came in my room laid flat on his back on my bed and stated “I am NOT going to school! I HATE SCHOOL!” Oh the heartbreaks of this problem. After much coercing, bargaining, punishing and the voice going from calm to yelling, we finally got ready and out the door.

Days like this make me feel like crawling back into bed and crying, but we all know that’s not that answer. Once we got in the car we said our prayers and affirmations, I dropped him at school. My morning is blown to smithereens, my mind set was to struggling to turn the tide. However, life goes on! I cannot sit and dwell on the negatives or miserable facts of the morning.

One thing this blog has really done for me, is to reevaluate my current circumstances. I have been preaching about count your blessings for years, but now I truly have to live my words (or else be a hypocrite). So I sat down to ponder my blog and decided to share my struggle and how I turned it around.

At 7:46 a.m. I left my son at school, near tears. BUT… I knew my heart he would be ok. I said a few of my affirmations, half-heartedly I must admit, and tried to sing (I sing daily in the car to background tracks on my way into work to keep my voice in shape). I still couldn’t get my heart to lighten. I just felt completed drained and exhausted, and just not sure how to get my thoughts under control. It took me the entire 40 minute drive into work to get my thoughts and heart together. You know what truly helped me? Knowing that God was in control and was going to help me. I had to let it go and trust in my faith. That was the defining moment this morning. After I did that, all started turning. I started searching for some Bible Verses to help and about that time I got an email from my Son’s teacher. She was praising him for his positive attitude and his huge improvement on his MAPS testing. Wow!!! The little boy who was nasty and back-talking me all morning change his attitude. Such a blessing!

Even when you are so exhausted that you don’t think you can go on, you can’t take one more step, you have to. There is a blessing right around the corning waiting for you. Whatever your faith is, trust in your higher power.


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