Think of the Rainbow


It’s amazing how God times everything so perfectly in our lives. What might seem insignificant at the time, can truly change our lives.

There was a point when my mother worked for a company with very negative and toxic people. I watched my mom suffer through these very rough years. But she met some of the most extraordinary people at the same time.

I remember her coming home and saying “Sher I met your twin. She’s exactly like you, except black.” And she was right. I call Shanna my sister, we became fast & close friends. And isn’t funny how our lives are parallel in so many ways.  She truly has blessed my life with her presence.

My mother also met Carles, who is the most beautiful soul. She is one of the sweetest people I have met and so glad to know her.

Ultimately, when things seem really bad, horrible, hard to bear; there is something positive, even beautiful, to be found from that problem or ordeal. You may not see it while it is happening, but it will be revealed when the time is right.

Thank you for being my sister, Shanna! We may not be blood, but we got to chose each other!



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