It’s Monday

OK so today is proving to be a challenging day. The office is freezing and I am bored out of my wits. So bottom line is… I am ready to go home and it’s only 2:30. But…. no use whining or crying about it.

I sent my mother about noon “whining” about it – LOL. Here is her response:

“You could get up and dance around the office to keep warm, then they would think you’re crazy and send you home”

“Or sit at your desk and laugh hysterically. That would raise an eyebrow or two.”

Hmmm…. Well maybe not the greatest of ideas. Everyone here thinks of me as rather reserved (little do they know). On a very, very rare occasion I have busted out in song (with only a couple people in the office) I got the strangest look. All I did was sing “A Spoonful of Sugar” – LOL.
Besides if anyone should be raising their eyebrows, it’s me (and they’re not done today – oops!)


So I will make due with the rest of my day; with my little space heater on, and 2 sweaters on, oh and the ruana (that is serving as a blanket) wrapped around my legs.

At least it’s been a positive day with no negative drama.


Stay warm!
MUAH!! 💋


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