What’s for lunch?

So let’s talk about my lunch!  Or lack thereof.   I brought lunch (not the healthiest of lunches, but it was something to tide me over until I have a healthy dinner).  I packed Velveeta Shells and Cheese (a quick and easy lunch), 2 hard boiled eggs, string cheese, fig newtons and applesauce.   Well I am a bit brain dead today …. ok a LOT brain dead today.  No sleep has caught up with me.   And you see…. I forgot to put the water in my cup and burnt my macaroni.  OK, no judging allowed!   We all do stupid stuff when we are sleep deprived.   I’ll catch enough flak from my family over this – UGH.  LOL.

All in all, at least I can laugh at it.  I am a good cook and make some pretty tasty things (Monkey is partial to my Pistachio Encrusted Salmon, with couscous – Thanks Erin for this amazing recipe). But when I am tired, all bets are off.

Maybe since I am so tired today, we’ll just order in pizza, it’ll be a LOT safer.  LOL

Live Loud my Luvs! (and don’t forget your water!)
Muah 💋

How Pusheen Makes Pizza


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