No Human! Cat rules…


For anyone who is a cat owner, you already know that cats own you. You don’t own the cats. They decide whether you sleep, eat, leave/stay, work-out, anything. Today my precious Screwy kitty (aptly nicknamed “King Tut”) decided I wasn’t allowed to leave.


I always lay my clothes out nice and neat on my bed before I get dressed. I get mostly dressed except for my blouse. My blouse, shirt, sweater I put on right before I am ready to do my lashes and hair. Today when I went to grab my sweater it was already taken over. Hmpfh! What to do?

* Shake the treat can – no Screwy (Fuzzy Mama came running, but Screwy just stared at me)
* Turn on the bathroom facet (the only water he’ll drink, I swear!) – NO SCREWY!
* Throw baby (a cat nipped mouse) in front of him out the bedroom door – NO SCREWY!!!

He just lays there with the death stare. Now mind you, the night before I packed my overnight bag to go to Mom’s. He KNOWS what that bag means. So he decided with all his regal royal-ness that he was going hold my sweater hostage. Now for the most part Screwy is a really good cat, just stubborn, really stubborn.

I finally had to walk away go to the kitchen and get my water ready, finished packing my bags up, any activity that I could do that wasn’t in the bedroom. And you know what? It worked. Screwy cannot stand to be anywhere I am not. He has to be by me at ALL times. So his loyalty (or curiosity) got the better of him and he left the bedroom, and I got my sweater. (Good think, because I was getting cold!)

Live Loud my Luvs! (and obey the great King Tut Cat!!!!!)
Muah 💋


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