Push on and find a reason


Today is not a given. We hear this all the time. Every day good people are taken from this earth. Be it through long life, illness, car accident, murder, whatever. So that means we shouldn’t take today for granted. But when was the time to stopped and looked at your day? Stop right now. Take a moment and think… About what? That’s they joy of your life, you can stop and think about anything that is making this moment worth living. For me it’s Monkey, my mom, my amazing friends, my increasingly healthy body. My list is miles long and I know that. I believe in cherishing every moment given to me.

You will have moments, maybe even seasons of what seems like you can’t overcome. But you will, you must. I complain (though I shouldn’t), I curl up in a ball in my bed and cry (though not even a fraction as much as I used to), I lose my temper (please forgive me), I am human. BUT…. I always bounce back, I always ask forgiveness and I always say my prayers.

I have several friends that are shouldering heavy burdens right now, Their journey is not over, but I will do all I can to help ease it. I pray at the end of the day they are able to sit down and find their reasons to keep going.

If you ever can’t find your reason to go on, tell me! I’ll help you find it.

Live Loud my Luvs and cherish your day!
Muah 💋


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