img_3104This world is full of negativity, self deprivation, nay-sayers, ugliness and all manners of sad and lonely people who don’t like who they are. I want to change that. I want to lift people up, empower them, show them their beauty, inside and out.
So what makes me qualified?  What makes anyone qualified…experience!   I am a single mom who has been through the fires of hell and have come out stronger and I want to share my stories. I believe we should all speak with caution but Live as LOUD and BRIGHT as the Sun itself. To be a survivor means not only did you survive that fire, but you won’t let it suppress you ever again.
But I digress. Hi, my name is Sherri, a full-time working, single mother of a very intelligent, high energy little boy. So, I have this amazing little boy that is going to have to deal with the negativity this life is going to throw at him, but I want to show him that he still needs to stand proud, loud and strong with a HUGE smile on his face. While I start helping him on his journey, I want to share those insights with you. Life as a single mom is never easy, but I have an amazing mother, amazing sisterhood of Younique, uber-amazing monkey (BTW for 12 years old, he is very profound), and a lust for life.
Please join me on this journey and I hope you’ll take the time to comment, compliment, suggest topics, contact me, but always remember kind words are much more meaningful than hurtful. *Remember you catch more bees with honey than vinegar*

I truly hope this blog inspires you, makes you smile, cry (in a good way), and giggle.