Tuesday? Only?

Nothing like waking up at 2:38 a.m. and then not being able to fall back asleep.   So I am going to sit here at my desk and muddle through the day.   But if happen to see me asleep, poke me – LOL.



Karaoke – Sometimes you need get out and have fun

Since there was no school for President’s Day, I decided to take monkey and meet out some friends for karaoke.   A little fun and lots of singers (I mean a TON of singers).   Just thought I’d share how I get out and relax.

Bad Days.


Have you ever just felt like you should just crawl back into bed and start the day over in 24 hours? Of course? We all have.
So what makes us all different, that some people just shut down on those days and others push through?
I have been on both sides of the coin. There was a point in my life when I just stopped functioning and completely shut day when my day was going bad (especially since it seemed the day just kept to be getting worse and worse). I focused on every little horrible thing that had been happening.
I had no hope, no light and no faith. Did you read that? I had no hope, no light and no faith. Once I got to a point in my life when I found positive momentum, I kept it. I thrived on it! Does that mean I don’t have bad days? Heck no! I still have horrible days when I want to cry and crawl back in bed, but I don’t let that consume me. I no longer shroud myself in self-doubt or throw a pity party. Now I push through!


When I wake up and the day starts off bad and goes to worse, I stop! Yes! Stop! Not stop living, not shut down, but I stop and focus on positive things. I look at things such as my amazing son, or the fact that I have a roof over me head. I am blessed with a job. There are so many little blessings in our lives that if you just stop and focus on those you’re day will turn around. And I mean I physically stop and almost meditate on those “lights” in my life.
It always amazes me when I see people having a bad day and they spend more and more time focusing on all the negativeness and they don’t understand why their day is getting worse. Bottom line is wherever you focus your energy is how your circumstances will turn out. Bad things will happen, it’s part of balance. You have to have good and bad in your life. But you don’t have to let the dread, doom and gloom take over your life. It’s a conscience thought.

So what will your thoughts be?


Muah! 💋
Live Loud!

Some Days… Well…just some days!

I try to do a series of beauty shots every morning.   I don’t always take them, and the ones I do take don’t always get posted.  After I don’t want to bombard my Facebook feed with picture after picture of just me.   But I do try, especially if my make-up is on point.  Well yesterday was just, well just… one of those days.   I took about 30 pictures and struggled to smile and find any light.   When you are sick, it’s not always easy to power through.   But a cute little monkey did offer some bright light.   Hopefully you will find some humor and light in this grid I did of various pictures from yesterday.
After all, some days are just some days.

Anxiety is B*tch!

Fake it till you make!  Smile till it hurts!  These are terms I say on a regular basis to help me through my anxiety attacks.   Today was rough, but you know what?   I put on some Piano Guys, blared it nice and loud in my ears and Smiled (though it was killing me inside) and said some prayers.   And forced myself through it.

We are all injured to some degree.  I try hard to hide mine.  But remember those scars make you beautiful.

P.S.  Still fighting with it, but it’ll be ok 😉